Awakening Senses.

27 & 28 October 2023
Kreis 5, Zurich

Bahay Contemporary’s first curated gastronomic and art experience made in collaboration with Nomads Zurich chef Luca Frei and wine connoisseur Pierre-Emmanuel Fehr

The experience took place as a dinner in the project studio space of Bahay Contemporary’s co-founder Steven Anggrek in Zurich’s Kreis 5. A 5-course plant-based menu was created especially for the occasion by Frei, reflecting and inspired by the works of Alisha Dutt Islam, Kelly de Geer, Marianne Herjean and Xinyi Fox Hu. Fehr selected a wine for each dish to complement, enhance, or contrast the savours. Two artists were present each night to discuss in an intimate setting the works on display.  

An expression of creativity to awaken all senses. Find out more here.


Sakura Oyster | French Vinaigrette dish by Nomads Zurich paired with a glass of Assyrtiko Santorini Argyrios 2022 by Pierre-Emmanuel Fehr

Exhibition view, Awakening Senses, Zurich, October 2023