Jérémy Rebord

(Swiss, b. 1990. Lives and works in Zurich)

Rebord holds an MA degree from ZHdK in Art Education. During his studies, he spent a semester abroad at the Faculty of Fine Arts UPV/EHU in Bilbao, Spain.

Since 2021, Rebord has been workshop manager at the print studio in Rote Fabrik, where he shares his knowledge in printmaking. He is also a course leader at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zürich, a profession he holds since 2023. From 2022 to 2024, he was part of the What's next_Project from ZHdK.

Rebord has exhibited his work in both solo and group exhibitions in Zürich and beyond. Notable solo exhibitions include Drôle de dance and À la Folie! encore et encore (both in 2023 in Zürich), as well as Orientation Towards (2022 at Artspace Parat, Zürich). 

In group exhibitions, he has participated in In a Land of Hope and Dreams (2024, Anggrek Agency Zurich), Die Papageienam Firmament gieren nach Süssem (2024, Das marsie - Raumfür Kollektive Kunst, Zürich), the Grosse Regionale(2023/24, Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil-Jona) and Jungkunst 21 (2021, Winterthur).

Rebord's work is known for its exploratory and often experimental approaches, reflecting deep contemplation on social and cultural themes and presented with a unique aesthetic perspective. For Nomadic Reverie, Rebord will present his newly explored landscape paintings.