Bahay contemporary x Art Resonance

Printemps Lacustre.

13-21 April 2024
Private villa by the lake, Buchillon (Vaud)

A group exhibition with works by 

Olga Antonova, Thomas Blank, Mathieu Dafflon, Diego Feurer, Aimée Hoving, Xinyi Fox Hu, Laura Thiong-Toye, Bastien Thomas, and Nick Verhaeghe

Spring was in the air. From rays of soft sunlight bouncing off the glass art, melodic ceramic pieces dancing to the beat of the interaction, organic shapes on paper floating to the gentle breeze, captivating photographs of botanical forms, to playful paintings blossoming with flowers, vases and so much more: Printemps Lacustre showcased a wide range of artistic mediums and expressions in a unique setting.

Installation views, Printemps Lacustre, Private villa by the lake in Buchillon, April 2024